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» VALVOLINE POST PROGRAM - The key to solving problems before they happen

- Progressive oil sample testing offers the following:

In today's highly competitive marketplace, equipment owners are looking for more tools to keep their equipment , "ON THE JOB, AND OUT OF THE SHOP!"

Valvoline's POST Program is a state of the art "predictive / preventive maintenance" program designed to:
DECREASE DOWNTIME, by detecting contaminants suchas water, fuel, silica and glycol that can cause unschduled downtime and costly repairs.
EXTEND COMPONENT LIFE, by monitoring individual component wear such as engines, transmissions, differentials, and hydraulics, helps you schedule your maintenance rather than your maintenance scheduling you.
OPTIMIZE OIL DRAIN INTERVALS, by carefully monitoring the fluids quality and condition, while applying this information to each fleets operating conditions and service intervals.
MONITOR FLUID QUALITY, through the ongoing sampling of new fluids including oils, fuels, and coolants to ensure integrity and serviceability.
To obtain the very best sample for analysis, please follow the steps below:
» Use only clean sample bottles provided through the POST program.
» Bring the component to operating temperature and /or speed.

Take your sample with one of the following methods:

Simply remove the dust cap from the mini-guage plug and insert the needle. Once the bottle has been filled, remove the needle and replace the cap.Samples can be taken without contamination and while the unit is running at the proper temperature for optimal sampling and reporting.
Sample with a suction gun through the dipstick tube replacing the tubing after each sample to avoid contamination.
Cut the tubing a length no longer than the length of the dispstick.
Once the unit has reached operating temperature, shut it down, remove the drain plug, catching a sample
at mid stream.

In all cases, fill the bottle 3/4 full, screwing the cap on securely, but not overly tight.
Valvoline Cummins Ltd. offers world class oil sample testing facilities to its customers at a very nominal rates.
The pricing involved for testing the oil samples can be done in consulation with POST manager.

Basic Tests include testing of the Physico-Chemical parameters of the oil such as:
» Kinematic Viscosity at 40°c
» Kinematic Viscosity at 100°c
» Flash Point
» Viscosity Index
» Insolubles - Hexane & Toulene
» Water

Advance Tests include testing of all the above mentioned Physico-chemical parameters + wear metal analysis such as -
» Aluminium
» Chromium
» Copper
» Iron
» Lead
» Silicon
» Tin
» Nickel

If you have any pre-subscription questions or comments please contact us at anil.ahuja@valvolinecummins.com

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